Amanda Menezes
Brazilian 15 year old girl who loves to draw . In love with all kind of books, I post manly fan-related art.
If you want me to draw anything, just ask. I swear I'll try my best!

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I got inspired by Amy’s beautiful video…I just love Korra’s arc right now

Happy Nico with his sisters.
I drew ghost!bianca ‘cause i do what i want don’t question my genius

Teeny-tiny 12-year old Roman demigods, probably about to go off and do something really stupid and dangerous but enjoy it immensely anyway.

We’re happening
i use ps too but i never have so clean lines as yours and my linework is always so messy and i have had a tablet for a year now :(

Oh but my lines aren’t that clean. I you zoom in you’ll see that they’re actually a little wobbly… I think that the secret is to practice a lot, cuz lineart is HARD as hell. I’m not even close to where I want to be.(Also lowering the pen pressure and doing wrist moves helps a lot with stability, it works a lot for me) :D

hey can i ask what program do you use?

Yes you can, I use Photoshop CS6 ^^

Are you going to draw 50s James to go with that Lily you did?

I am! Jeez I know I’m taking too long to do it, I’m so sorry… I’m just in my final school period right now so I don’t have much time :/ I’ll do it as soon as I can, promise! (There are so many requests in my inbox as well omg)