Amanda Menezes
Brazilian 15 year old girl who loves to draw . In love with all kind of books, I post manly fan-related art.
If you want me to draw anything, just ask. I swear I'll try my best!

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Luna is a sweetheart and Harry & Co. should count themselves very lucky to know such a wonderful girl

How to achieve perfect abs in six easy steps (at least on paper).

Artist Asks!

  1. Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?
  2. How long have you been drawing?
  3. How many classes have you taken?
  4. Do you have a DeviantArt, personal website, or art blog?
  5. What’s your favorite thing to draw?
  6. What’s your least favorite thing to draw?
  7. How often do you use references?
  8. Do you…

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Happy birthday to my one and only

Character Designs from Mulan

victims of the 90’s